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Natural sleeping

Scientists have found a direct correlation between air quality, natural fragrance and temperature, and sleep quality. From plants to airflow, we unveil the importance of natural, sustainable materials and how they can help you drift off.
No.4v Savoir Vegan Bed

As experts in crafting bespoke beds that offer the ultimate support and comfort, we know the impact your bed can have on the quality of your sleep. However, there are other aspects within your bedroom that can influence your ability to achieve a restorative night’s sleep. There are some simple, science-backed changes that can help you create the perfect environment. Scientists have found a direct correlation between air quality, natural fragrance and temperature, and sleep quality. From plants to airflow, we unveil the importance of natural, sustainable materials and how they can help you drift off.

We’re passionate about the benefits a natural sleeping environment can bring. We’ve been working with the finest natural materials for over a century. Not just for tradition’s sake, but because we know that a natural sleeping surface delivers the best support and temperature regulation.


natural sleeping on a heat-regulating surface

A thermo-regulating sleeping surface is crucial for a healthy night’s sleep.



Temperature is one of the most crucial aspects of a healthy night’s sleep. Your sleeping surface is key to staying in a thermal neutral range. It’s where we spend, ideally, 7-8 hours. It’s important that it helps temperature regulation throughout the night. Preventing us from overheating, which can result in disrupted sleep.

Choosing a bed, mattress and bedding made from naturally breathable and thermo-regulating materials is optimal for achieving a cool body temperature. Natural materials help maintain normal body temperature at the sleeping surface, by channelling moisture away. This is why we continue to use the finest natural materials. Their natural ability to wick away moisture helps to regulate body temperature all year round.  Which, in turn, improves the quality of your REM sleep. A natural sleeping surface also allows airflow. Keeping you cool during the warmer nights. This is very important considering a recent report in the journal Nature and Science of Sleep revealed that maintaining a cool body temperature can help you sleep longer. Our sleep expert, Dr Rebecca Robbins also explains that:

 “A mattress that retains heat will also limit the quality of your sleep. A heat-inducing sleeping environment and surface can really set us up for failure, such as fragmented sleep.”

Synthetic fibres, latex and memory foams may cause overheating and deteriorate over time. While natural fibres, such as the plant-based ingredients within the Nº4v, offer longer-lasting comfort and support. In addition to improving the quality of your sleep, a natural bed also offers a sustainable option. Natural fibres are much more in sympathy with the environment. Compared to the alternatives such as synthetic fibres and oil-based plastics, which can end up in landfill and take decades to decompose. Whereas the natural components within all our beds are biodegradable and the steel springs are recyclable.

Refresh and clean air in the bedroom will improve the sleep quality significantly.



Good air quality is crucial for our health. With the bedroom being the space where we spend a third of our lives, it’s vital that the air quality sets us up for restorative sleep. Research has shown that both sleep quality and next-day performance improved by increasing the amount of clean outdoor air within the bedroom. When measured, sleep quality and the freshness of bedroom air improved significantly when the CO2 level was lower.

With a direct correlation between sleep and air quality, it’s important to consider the role furniture and textiles play within the bedroom. The European Environment Agency revealed that synthetic fibres, such as polyester and nylon, make up about 70% of household textiles. To achieve better air quality, we must consider the materials within our bedrooms. Do we want the space where we spend a third of our lives to be full of plastics? Furniture and textiles made from natural materials can help reduce the number of microplastics. They can also encourage fresh air to move freely through the room, due to their airy construction and low heat retention.

a bedroom with accessibility to greenspace

Great accessibility to green landscapes can be a cure for your insufficient sleep.



Plants are natural wonders for our sleep, they are widely known to bring cortisol levels down and boost our mood. However, it has been found that just 15 minutes of interaction with green plants may also help reduce the time it takes to drift off and reduce sleep disturbances.

Natural sleep doesn’t need to just be contained to our sleeping environment. Research has revealed that greater accessibility to green landscapes has been associated with higher levels of physical activity. Which in turn, benefits sleeping patterns. Particularly for men, there is a decreased likelihood of insufficient sleep for those that visited a green space or spent time in a natural outdoor environment.

Natural essential oils for good sleep

Natural essential oils will help relax your body and fall asleep naturally.



One of the reasons aromatherapy is used to improve sleep quality is because it can help regulate the nervous system. As anatomē’s head nutritionist revealed within our Guide to Essential Oils, natural essential oils work in communication between your nose and your brain. Any time we smell something, especially in natural fragrances like essential oils, we inhale particles called esters. The odour (esters) floats in the air reaching the nostrils and dissolves on the roof of each nostril. This is where specialised receptor cells, called olfactory receptor neurons, detect the odour. These neurons can detect thousands of different odours.

It is the olfactory receptor neurons that transmit messages to the part of the brain which influences emotions, memories and modifies conscious thoughts. It is this process that results in behavioural changes such as relaxation of the body.

There are also some specific natural fragrances that when burned can help improve air quality. This includes tea tree oil which boasts antibacterial properties and cedarwood for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial qualities. Eucalyptus oil is also a good consideration as it is known to open up air pathways and cleanse high traffic spaces.

With sleep being the foundation to everything it means to be alive and well, we hope that your bedroom is full of wonderful natural materials to create a supportive sleeping environment. Helping you to reap the mental and physical benefits of a restorative night’s sleep.

Read our recent article, Optimal sleeping temperature with Dr Rebecca Robbins, to discover the science of temperature regulation and the impact it can have on quality sleep.